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Streak Free Is Proudly Celebrating 19 Years In Business!


  Streak Free is a family owned & operated company. We are licensed and insured! I started this window cleaning company in 2005 and never looked back since. Its been a good ride providing a great service, and meeting all my customers. We love what we do, we are true to our trade. We Provide top quality work at reasonable prices. We are prompt, reliable & courteous. Immediate response to all calls. Great customer service! We really take pride in quality. Since day one when it was just window cleaning we would make sure the window sills, tracks and screens are cleaned as well with the glass. A few years later we started power washing houses and we made sure the black streaks came off the gutters as well. When we started gutter cleaning we made sure when all the gutters were cleaned out we flushed them out and made sure the down spouts were clear and in good working order. We don't claim to be the biggest company out there or the best. We just focus on taking pride in our work everyday on every work order. 



"The windows look great! You Did a great job! We will see you next fall. Thanks again."

Mary J.

“I want to thank you, it was very easy working with you. Very professional and i loved how you covered your feet in my house."

David K.

"Thanks for the follow up call. Very professional and the windows look amazing! The scheduling was very easy and came on time!"

Kay P.

"Very professional, easy to work with. I have not clean my windows in 10 years and they look new again. They are streak free. No problems, i will pass your cards around" See you in the spring!"

Patty B.

"I could not be happier!! I love how your company cleans everything, not just the glass but the window sills and screens! I will refer streak free to my friends and family. Thanks for the call."

Bonnie S.

"My siding looks new again! Love the crew. See you next time. I will refer streak free to anyone!"

Tim H.

"My windows are sparkling! I love the booties Ryan put over his shoes when he came in the house. Thanks for calling!"

Kathy B.

"Good Job as always! Thanks for making sure the down spouts were clear on the gutters."

Rick B.

"I love how you called a day before to confirm and showed up on time. The price was great per window and the work was very professional. Ryan was very nice to work with. Thank you!

Lisa F.

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