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    Streak Free Is Proudly Celebrating 19 Years In Business!


With 19 years of service under our belts we are a professional company that provides excellent service.

  Our Window Cleaning services includes residential and commercial window cleaning. We clean any type of windows or doors you have. Standard windows, cabinets with glass, outside lights, sliding glass doors, mirrors, stained or etched glass, extra large picture windows, inside doors with glass, sky lights, sunroofs and extra tall windows requiring a ladder inside. We will clean window screens or sliding glass door screens. We will clean windows that need special attention, for regular maintenance, water spots and paint spots. When we clean your windows, all the window sills will be cleaned inside and outside. This service is Streak Frees specialty. 

  Our Power Washing services includes decks, patios, driveways, piers, play sets, houses, and sidewalks. Great service for the spring and this service is environmentally friendly. We use a low pressure systems that will remove years of dirt and mildew.

  Our Black Streak Remover on the gutters is a great service to have done on your house. We clean those hard to look at black streaks on your gutters. It is very hard to clean, it takes old fashion cleaning by hand and a black streak remover cleaner to get those black streaks off. We will make your gutters and trim look like new again. A great way to brighten the look of your home.

  Our Gutter Cleaning service should be done twice a year. Poor working gutters can cause a lot of damage to your home. We don't just go up on the roof and blow them out. We will clean the gutters out and then flush the gutters and the down spouts. We Will check that the water is flowing and they are in good working order. 

Window Cleaning

Interior and Exterior Window Washing. Window Sills And Screens Included.

Gutter Cleaning

Our Gutter Cleaning Service Includes Cleaning Out The Gutters And Flushing The Down Spouts.

House Washing

Our House Washing is Low Pressure Process And Environmental Friendly. 

Gutter Brightening

Black Streak Remover On The Gutters And The Trim.

Surface Cleaning

Power Washing

Safe Way To Clean Patios And Driveways With A Surface Cleaner.

All Of Our Power Washing Projects Are Low Pressure Process And Environmental Friendly. 

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